Boxygen Performance & Fitness | 150 Recreation Park Drive, Unit 2 Hingham, MA 02043 | 781-556-5475 | moc.mahgnih-negyxob%40ofni

Full Service Gym Providing Fitness Сlasses, Personal Training, and Team Training

Boxygen Performance & Fitness | 150 Recreation Park Drive, Unit 2 Hingham, MA 02043 | 781-556-5475 | moc.mahgnih-negyxob%40ofni

Full Service Gym Providing Fitness Сlasses, Personal Training, and Team Training


Get the most out of your workout.

Fitness classes, personal training, and team training taught by certified trainers with a focus on form and technique.

Boxygen Fitness full service gym Hingham, Massachusetts

Full Service Gym

Our unique space offers a variety of workout equipment, guaranteed to satisfy all of your fitness needs. Barbells, squat racks, benches, kettlebells; cardio equipment including rowing machines, turf running surface, treadmills, bikes, etc.; heavy bags & boxing ring – a fitness lover’s dream, all encased in a unique, remodeled warehouse. New to the equipment? Not a problem. Our certified team of personal trainers are available to give you a hand.
Members have access to our affiliated gym, Momentum Custom Fitness, which provides a variety of additional weight equipment, weight machines, and cardio equipment including treadmills, ellipticals, step machines, etc. We also offer showers and infrared sauna.

Boxygen Fitness group fitness classes  Hingham Massachusetts

Group Fitness Classes

Boxygen fitness classes involve a unique mix of body weight exercises and bootcamps style workouts with boxing training. Taught by trainers with experience in boxing and personal training, classes target full body strength and conditioning along with boxing technique. Classes are designed for all ages and fitness levels and each workout is different to keep members challenged. We use upper- and lower-body bodyweight exercises, along with a variety of modalities including kettlebells, jumprope, and dumbbells, together with punch combinations and technique on heavy bags for a high-intensity, all body workout.  

Boxygen Fitness Personal Training Hingham Massachusetts

Personal Training

We offer a variety of experienced personal trainers focused on achieving each client's individual needs. We. have extensive experience training student athletes and developing specialized training programs targeted at individual sports, including hockey, football, lacrosse, basketball, and crew. Our trainers are former collegiate athletes with extensive experience in strength, mobility, endurance, and agility training. We also offer individual boxing training focusing on punching techniques, defense, and footwork for all levels of experience. 

Boxygen Fitness Small Group Training Hingham, Massachusetts

Small Group Training

Boxygen offers small group personal training session for two to four people. Small group sessions are a great way to get a personalized training session in a social setting. Small group sessions are often organized as circuit or bootcamp-style workouts. Ask our staff about pricing for small group training. 

Boxygen Fitness Youth Fitness &  Classes Hingham Massachusetts

Youth Fitness & Training

Our trainers have extensive experience working with youth, teens, and young adults off all ages and fitness levels, from grade school to collegiate athletes. We specialize in designing programs to address individual needs to help our young athletes achieve their fitness and athletic goals.

Boxygen Fitness Athletic Team Training  Hingham Massachusetts

Athletic Team Training

Our trainers are former collegiate athletes and former college team staff members with extensive experience in designing programs for training high school and college athletes. We work with Hingham High School Hockey, Hingham High School Football, and Hingham High School Lacrosse. We develop programs to improve performance in a fun and challenging environment that promotes team unity. 

Not only do you learn how to push yourself, you learn how to push others and develop a team bond like nothing else. I have become a much stronger and faster athlete because of this experience and I do not believe I could have achieved this much anywhere else. Boxygen is truly a special place.